Personalised Video Game – Gift Game Card DIY Edition

Includes: Link to download digital version of your game + printable card (PDF)

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5 business days after we accept the form

Imagine a world where everything is the same … but a little different. You look at the places which you know very well, but they are a bit unalike… take it easy, it’s not a dream. You have just become a Character of a Computer Game, and all you are looking at is your world – just in pixels.

A personalized computer game is an opportunity to play your adventure in the virtual world! Characters, places, events … some things seem familiarAnd this ruggedly handsome or incredibly beautiful main character … is none other than you! Your own computer game is not only an amazing dose of humor and fun, but also an original way to spend your free time! Solve the puzzles, make difficult decisions, answer some fun questions, save the world from zombies and meet your loved ones – all of this and more in a game, where you are the main character! The gameplay combines over 50 elements of personalization and it’s made with pixel graphics, inspired by games from the 90s, which provides an original atmosphere. Are You ready for the big adventure?