About personalised video games:

If your partner, friend or loved one enjoys playing video games and you are looking for a special gift, we have something special for you! Send us a completed form and we will create a personalised video game about your loved ones for any occasion in up to 4 working days! Thanks to the flexible storyline, we are able to add over 50 unique and personalised elements to your gift. We will add funny phrases, questions, jokes, photos, a pixel art character based on the recipient’s look, riddles, a personalised cover art and much more to your game! This is a perfect gift for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and many, many others.

Personalised video games

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s an adventure RPG mixed with horror and comedy elements.

– Pixel art character based on a photo of the recipient.
– Recipient’s avatar, 4 close friends and one villian as a boss.
– Funny phrases and jokes.
– Your own party and travel stories.
– Items and costumes.
– Books about the recipient. Create your own titles!
– Your own quiz – write your own questions and answers.
– Riddles, which include 2 photos, age of recipient and a special occasion.
– Nicknames of the recipient, which will be used in the dialogue.
– 4 named trophes during the gameplay.
– Wishes!

All personalised elements are listed in the form.

Main character:
– Firefighter – the recipient

Important characters
– Motorcyclist – customer
– Dog or cat – any close person

Supporting characters:
– Butcher – any close person
– Doctor – any close person
– Firefighter 2 – any close person

– Black road demon (Based on a real person that the recipient dosen’t like)

No. The recipient will have to guess which loved one is hidden behind the avatar.

Our personalised games are suitable for people 10 or older.

The game contains only single-player mode.

Experienced players finish our game in 1,5h, but beginners can spend over 2,5h.

For any occasion! We make games for birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals, wedding gifts, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas and so on.

Digital Edition – 4 business days after we accept the form. When the gift is ready, we send a link to download the game.

Gift Game Card DIY Edition – 5 business days after we accept the form. When the gift is ready, we send a link to download the game.

Box Edition (shipping to specific counties) – 6 business days after we accept the form + 7 days for shipping.

Internet connection is required if you have additionally purchased the online version. You can play using your browser on any device with Windows, macOS or Linux. Also works on smartphones with Android and iOS (early access).

Minimum requirements for standard, downloadable Windows version:
– Operating System: Windows 8 or later
– Processor: Intel Core i5 Dual Core
– RAM: 8 GB DDR3
– Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 6000
– Storage: 1 GB
– Accessories: Keyboard, mouse, speakers

Yes, but only using a web browser. Just add this extra option when buying the game. After receiving the link of the game you will get a 30 days of access and the ability to play on a web browser on any device. An Internet connection is required. You will get also a Windows file with the game, after downloading you can use your game for an unlimited time.

The game is only available for Windows, macOS or Linux (play in web browser). You can also play using your device with Android or iOS (early access).

You have 30 days to download the game from the link provided, after which it will be inactive. Once downloaded, the game is available for you indefinitely.

If you bought the extra option for playing in a web browser you can play the game online for 30 days. After this time you cannot play in a browser.

1. Copy all files from a pendrive to your computer disk (in the case of the Box Version) or download the game from the link sent to the e-mail address provided in the order.

2. Extract the archive (.zip) with the game to the folder of your choice (the password for the file is in the e-mail with the link to the game). We recommend using software such as WinRar for this. 7Zip, Winzip. You can also use the “Extract” function built into Windows 8 (or later).

3. After the extraction process is over, run the game with the Game.exe icon.

We also attach a detailed installation process in the form of a picture to each order.

Please check whether your computer meets the minimum requirements. If the problem still exists, please contact us: orders@giftgamesstudio.com

The link to a walkthrough for completing the game can be found in the e-mail, which contains the link to download the game.

“My partner had tears flowing when he played the game from you – beautiful. I recommend it to everyone and I will come back to you for more gems🤩”

“Great thing. If someone knows retro games a little bit, he will be fully satisfied. If you also love pixel art then you have to try it. I recommend it 100%”

“Graphically this is exactly what I expected. Wonderful pixel art in the edition I like the most. Funny dialogues and perfect personalization. The game is fast-paced and incredibly fun. Perfect for a gift. Contact with the client is also was perfect.”

“I bought your game for a friend. It was great! I recommend it to everyone.”

“I recommend in 100% I ordered for my boyfriend for Christmas and We had a great time, even though I was just watching and I knew what would be more or less there !! 100000/10″

“I was in shock! I did not expect such a gift, it caused me a lot of emotions and I will certainly surprise someone else by ordering such a game for him 🤩”

“A wonderful game, a great gift idea for everyone, the gameplay is also cute ^^ I love old-school”